Avada 3.7 Is Our Gift To You. We Hope You Enjoy!

The holidays are upon us! We have listened to your feedback and have put together an amazing update with new functionality. This is our gift to you. Thank you for supporting us and helping the Avada community grow to nearly 100,000 strong. We couldn’t of done it without you. Happy Holidays!

Side Headers Meet Avada. Avada Meet Side Headers.

Avada 3.7 allows you to easily display the entire header on the left or right side, as well as a few new options for customizations.

Columns Get A Makeover, And They Love It!

Just about every layout you create will utilize columns. They deserve to be pampered and decked out with bells & whistles. We’ve added several new options like custom background images, colors, borders, padding, column spacing and more giving you superior flexibility to be creative.

Remove Spacing Between Columns For A Unique Look & Set Equal Column Heights For Consistency

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Set Unique Background Colors Per Column

Set A Background Image Per Column

Control The Padding Value Per Column

Control Border Size & Color Per Column